NFC Wild Card Playoffs Preview

I’m thinking New Orleans has this. Philly has just been so…. spontaneous. I see Brees lighting them up for a pretty disgusting amount of yardage.

The Sporting Pulse

(3) Philadelphia Eagles (10-6) vs. (6) New Orleans Saints (11-5)


If San Diego’s offense is dominated by Philip Rivers, then this Philadelphia attack is supported equally upon the shoulders of LeSean McCoy.  The NFL’s leading rusher this season with over 1,600 yards, McCoy on the field has the demeanor of a tested veteran, which the Eagles will need to tap into in order to defeat a strong Saints team.  Even though a Chip Kelly game plan has the potential to attack defenses where no one may have thought obvious, I can’t imagine Kelly asking first-year starter Nick Foles to carry much of a load, especially in the conditions of an outdoor stadium in Philadelphia, in January.  The Eagles got lucky though- had they been playing on Sunday, the 5th instead of Saturday, the 4th, the chance of snow would have been 30% higher.

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