Why you shouldn’t listen to me…

You heard me right. My very first toe-dip into the opinionated waters of Fantasyland begins with an article on why you absolutely should not listen to me; in fact, you shouldn’t listen to any expert, article, or statistic ever.

The best and certainly most frustrating part about fantasy football is that anything can and will happen. Studs will fall, injuries will happen, nobodies will have incredible games and the worst offenses will clobber the best defenses. It happens. That’s why I will do my research to shovel statistics and estimates into your face. But at the end of the day, make up your own mind. Half of fantasy is throwing statistics to the wind and going with your gut. Want an example? No? Too friken bad!

Week 16, this season. That’s right, the championship game. Atlanta’s crumbling team that hadn’t seen a decent game in months faces San Francisco’s esteemed defense. Numbers, experts, and anyone who has ever watched a football game ever would wisely tell you to bench the likes of Roddy White and Matt Ryan. Too bad Roddy caught a season-high 12 passes for 141 yards and a touchdown. Oh, and Matty-Ice threw the ball for 348 yards and a pair of TDs. You listened to reason, benched them like any sane person, and just lost your season championship. Now you feel like that dude from Alien who has a little phallic monster bursting out of his chest. Like any sane person who just lost a fake championship based on the accomplishments of other fit, sweaty men, you rant and blame the poor suckers who gave you advice.

Now that you officially do not want to read any piece of advice I will ever give you, I should probably sway you to pop around my page once in a while for my own benefit. You need help. No really – everyone does. Beyond all of the NFL quirkiness and Shanahanigans lies trends, statistics and sound advice that could help. It’s not just happen-chance that some people do consistently well at fantasy and always seem to make the right decision. Everyone comes across some busts, or freak performances left on the bench; the important thing is to keep some consistency on your starting roster. If my advice (or anyone’s for that matter) can help you keep the right players starting more times than not, then I guess all of this research was worth something. Just remember, if there’s a nagging voice in your head telling you to go against the advice for absolutely no reason, you should probably listen to it. Either that, or seek immediate psychiatric care.


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