What the tweet: NFL players should stay off of Twitter

Social media is dangerous. Period. I don’t have the first-hand experience to say for sure, but it seems to get exponentially more dangerous the more famous you are.

If I post an incredibly insensitive and crude comment about how much I hate cats, (seriously, dogs are better) I may get one angry friend who flames me with a slew of cat pictures.

If you happen to be someone semi-what important, on the other hand, you may send your entire career into a steep decline. Take, for example, Justine Sacco – the director of communications for the company running huge sites like Match.com. She may or may not have (she did) said incredibly insensitive things on Twitter. Said insensitive “things” may have also offended thousands of people and lost Sacco her highly-esteemed career. Oops.

NFL players are not expected to be proper gentlemen in a corporate environment – but they do have significantly more public followers than the average Joe. When your name and everything you say floats around the public sphere, you may want to look over your tweets before you shoot them out. Oh, also, don’t you ever talk about Richard Sherman.

Our first dumb Tweeter comes courtesy of everyone’s favorite Dolphin: Incognito. A business article shows the slew of great tweets the hot-headed Incognito posted up in the midst of his bullying court case with teammate Jonathan Martin. Richie goes as far as to say that the voice-mail he left Martin about the N-word was a joke they had laughed about. Probably not the best approach to get people on your side…

Another prime example of dumb tweetage (it’s a word now, deal with it) comes in the form of recently signed New Orleans player, T.Y. Nsekhe who responded to a Tweet comparing soldiers to NFL players. The original tweet recalls that it’s sad a player defending a ball makes more than a soldier defending his country. Nsekhe responded that “it doesn’t take much skill to kill someone.” Pacifism is great, and all; but bashing soldiers publicly in the patriotic US of A is not the brightest idea. Stay off Twitter, Nsekhe.

Arguably the dumbest tweet in the group comes from wide receiver Davone Bess. Not only did he post a picture of a cigar and what looks like a giant alcoholic “something,” there is a pile of weed sitting in plain sight. Marijuana is a substance banned by the NFL and Bess’ team has started an investigation. Are most players smoking the Mary-J? More than likely; they just aren’t dumb enough to post it publicly.

Speaking of Marijuana, an article interviewing Minnesota’s GM reveals that a good number of the up-and-coming college prospects have been tweeting about their drug habits. If you’ve ever wanted to make it big in the NFL, tweeting about your substance abuse is definitely the way to seal the deal. Every team is looking for the next Justin Blackmon! Why not prove that’ll be you?


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