Aaron Dobson destroyed his foot… so what?

New England’s rookie receiver will allegedly be undergoing foot surgery that will put him out for 2 to 3 months. As the title so strongly eludes, so what?

Now I know Dobson was the leading rookie on New England and made a few spectacular plays — but stats aren’t everything!

In his year with New England, I had the pleasure of watching one of the most frustrating roster calls on the planet. Dobson ran the wrong route several times per game, dropped ball after ball and made terrible moves. Did you see Brady’s pouty face? He had clearly hit a level of emotional frustration that could only be cured by the full-foot comfort of a pair of Uggs.

The weirdest part was that, right after Dobson made a horrible mistake and cost his team an easy 1st, coach Belichick screamed at him and sent him straight back out. Better yet is that Brady threw to him the very next play! This happened several times every game. Eventually, after 29 billion attempts, Dobson would haul in a few and make a couple of nice plays.

Meanwhile, fellow rookie Thompkins did not seem to make any crucial mistakes, ran the right routes, and would make game-changing catches…but only get tossed to a couple of times per game.

Clearly Belichick has the omnipotence to see a game plan totally inconceivable to mere mortals; after all, he is the most winningest and brilliantest of coaches. I just personally loved watching Thompkins’ very technical game over Dobson’s occasional ‘boom’ play.

Hopefully next season will reveal some other crazy form of receiver master-plan for New England…


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