Golden Tate – A Good Move for the Lions?

How can you not offer the man a salary up the wazoo with a name like Golden Tate? Anyway, there has been much skepticism in the greater Detroit area about the acquisition of the ‘Tater.

Local radio call-ins have expressed their concerns that the Lions severely overpaid for a position they were planning to cover with a rookie in the draft. Lots of criticism has come claiming that Tate is not a legitimate #2 to tear up the field behind Calvin Johnson and that he isn’t the receiver the Lions needed.

I actually think that he is the Golden boy the Lions needed and will be an absolutely perfect fit for the team!

Firstly, those who think that Tate is no more than a third-string receiver need to consider his success in Seattle surrounding injuries. When placed in the #1 roll, he did not perform as well as some of the other teams’ superstars. That being said, he still managed to hold his own in a #1 spot. Otherwise, his stats were absolutely commendable.

Secondly, and the reason he was the most perfect pickup for Detroit, is that the Lions led the league in dropped passes last season. Tate led the league in percentage of caught passes. His sticky hands will likely provide the morale boost Quarterback Matthew Stafford desperately needs. Calling the absurd amount of dropped passes by his receivers ‘frustrating’ is an understatement.

Lastly, snagging a receiver to backup Megatron in Free Agency means that Detroit can plug other holes with their first round pick. They can either jump straight to a defensive pickup, or they can try to snag up an elite tight end to use in catching schemes instead of “Butterfingers” Pettigrew. Eric Ebron, anyone?

Any other thoughts? Leave me a comment!


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