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Learn about the fine art of “rosterbating.”

Let's Talk Fantasy Football

In a general matter, everyone has their share of pet peeves.  Whether it be poor spelling, the over use of the word “like”, the Chicago Bears, not putting a new roll of toilet paper on the toilet paper holder but placing it on top of the empty roll,  or whatever it may be.  It is just the same in Fantasy Football.  The few that I’m about to talk about really grind my gears and you might be able to relate.


absent The first day of your fantasy season should be treated as if it is the first day of school or work.  This is the most important day of the year and this is your first impression.  In fantasy, honestly, what is more exciting than Draft Day?! This is where (if you do it right), you gather around with the rest of your league for the next several hours, strategize…

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