Former New York Giant Caught In Drunken Scooter Chase

Read the title. Pause. Read it again. There’s no mistake!

Former Giants safety Tyler Sash (2011-2012) was going to be charged with public intoxication. It was undoubtedly this same intoxication that led him to the ingenious idea of jumping onto an electric scooter for a quick getaway. According to the original article, Sash ditched his scooter after 4 blocks and took off on foot.

If this wasn’t hilarious enough already, police found him hiding behind a tree and, when he wouldn’t come out, shot him with a Taser. The working title was “Former Giants safety Tyler Sash Tased Behind Tree after Drunken Scooter Chase With Police” but nobody would have believed it… plus that’s just unnecessarily long.

This all seems very reminiscent of a certain George Costanza…


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