The Forgotten Man (Again): Alex Smith



I want to revisit the article I wrote last year that basically said “draft Alex Smith really late instead of bothering with Aaron Rodgers really early.” Obviously it was a winner because Aaron Rodgers got hurt, but that wasn’t the point I was going for. In fact, Aaron Rodgers wasn’t the point at all.

In the post, I basically made an argument that if you did some pretty simple math and added Andy Reid to Alex Smith, you get a fringe QB1. As it turns out, Alex Smith finished 13th in QB scoring, very much the definition of “fringe QB1.” He even beat out some popular names like Tom Brady and Matt Ryan.

It’s kind of eerie how close the simple math came to nailing an Alex Smith projection.

Here’s Alex Smith’s last four years before Andy Reid (2009-2012) turned into a “Reidified” stat line, as I coined it:

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