Anquan Boldin and Steve Smith fighting cornerbacks at practice

The Harbaugh brothers have been busy at practice over the last couple of days.

San Francisco 49ers coach, Jim Harbaugh, had to toss out veteran receiver Anquan Boldin a few days ago for fighting with cornerback Darryl Morris. The two were tangled up in a drill and Boldin managed to make a great catch. Right after, Boldin struck Morris’ facemask. Jim Harbaugh immediately blamed his receiver and chucked him out of practice for the day. Get my full story here.

Then, Baltimore Ravens coach, John Harbaugh, had to break up a fight between his newest receiver, Steve Smith, and cornerback Chykie Brown. Although it’s easy to put the blame on Brown, as he had been frustrated all practice, Smith has a history of violence. Brown had been temporarily kicked out early in the practice for booting a ball off the field. However, Steve Smith got in to a fight in June with another corner and was even jailed for fighting on his old team, the Carolina Panthers. Get my full story here.

It seems that both coaches are handling the situations pretty well. You can assume they both like that their players are bringing so much fire and passion to practice. Smith and Boldin are clearly ready to go for the upcoming season.


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