I’m a writer for Sports Rumor Alert.

I’m an active contributor to the All-Out Blitz.

Several years of fantasy footballing experience, several leagues, and zero titles. I’ve hit rock bottom. My hands have scraped and clawed as victory after victory has slipped through my grubby little fingers. NO MORE! This is it. This will be the year. My predictions will be bold; my actions will be rash. And, oh, will my research be ever thorough. Following dozens of trusted fantasy writers across several different medias – my gut trades will be replaced by disgustingly informed decisions. With the conclusion of the 2013 season, my preparations for next season begin. Will you join me?

Ok, so I get a little carried away… But football is serious business! During the regular season, I’ll be focused largely on tossing out REALLY informed and up-to-date information on drafting, strategies, and players. Despite my lack of championship, I’m still a (self-titled) fantasy football research expert. In the fantasy off-season, I’ll be focusing more on team and player news, as well as general football culture – beer, chips, beer and beer. Follow me on my journey to the promised land of champions and hopefully we’ll all come out a little more football savvy.

My most notable leagues:

  • The Beer League – The Ers
  • The LCFL – Alpha Super Squadron